How to Make Essay Writing Less Stressful

Believe it or not, the act of writing tends to draw in a lot of negative emotions for students. Essay writing is basically one of the major causes of stress in student’s school life. Students worry about having enough content to write about, having a good flow of work and most especially, getting a good grade.

This article is designed to make the process of writing a paper less stressful for students. Additionally, it has been structured to help students not only stay focused while writing a paper but also avoid last-minute assignment stress.

The tips below effectively explain how you can make the process of writing an essay less stressful. However, at times unavoidable circumstances may prevail, keeping you from doing your essay. If you foresee such a situation then ask for help in writing custom paper to get quality work done in a timely manner.

1. Divide the entire process into phases

This is pretty simple. For instance, you could have a pre-writing phase, drafting phase and a post-writing phase.

In the prewriting phase, brainstorm all the ideas that your topic of choice could provide you. You can use the 5Ws questions as writing prompts at this stage. 5Ws questions include: who, where, when, why and what. These questions will ensure that nothing is left out as you create a plan of action for the next phase. Your plan should be detailed, including all of your ideas in a systematic way and flow seamlessly.

How to Make Essay Writing Less Stressful

In the drafting phase, you create a draft based on the plan of action you created in the first phase. Here, you explore each idea in detail ensuring that your intended reader can understand the points you are trying to put across. It is also here that you create your thesis statement. A thesis statement is extremely important as it explains, in a simple way, the goal that your essay sets to achieve.

Finally, it is in the post writing phase that you do spelling and grammar checks to ensure that your work is top notch. At this stage, you may also conduct a peer review with a fellow student so as to ensure that your work is seamless, has stuck to the boundaries of the required topic and has no grammatical errors.

Dividing the process into these three stages will make the work extremely easier for you!

2. Set timed targets

Once you have divided your work into the three phases indicated above, set targets for yourself. Nothing is as fulfilling as meeting a self-made target. Setting a target may also psych you up to write your essay in a timely fashion as you don’t want to disappoint yourself.

For instance, you may choose to do the first phase on the day the essay has been issued, the second phase during the next two days and the last phase two days before the deadline is due. I mean, who doesn’t want to have their school life together for once!

3. Give yourself timed fun breaks

For centuries now, we have all abided to the notion that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Ensure you employ this same attitude as you write your essay, specifically so if you choose to do it in a single day.

For instance, you could give yourself a 30-minute break every 2 hours and catch up on the latest episodes from your favorite YouTube channels, or whatever suits your fancy! The important thing is to ensure you do not spend too much time writing the essay without taking a break as you may experience a burnout, which is the last thing you need in this process.

4. Avoid last minute assignment stress

While I understand that this is easier said than done, don’t we all hate ourselves a tiny bit when we realize that a deadline is almost up and we are yet to start writing that essay? Worse yet, we tend to start operating on panic mode and end up not doing a good job at all.

You can avoid all this by simply working in a timely fashion, it never hurt anybody!

As you can see, writing an essay does not have to be a stressful daunting task. With the right amount of planning, discipline, and focus, you can make the entire process enjoyable and easy.

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