Romantic Getaways in Zakynthos

The Mediterranean is one of the best places to vacation in the world. It’s sunny, filled with turquoise blue beaches and wonderful food. Add in the seafood, and you can be sure that this would be one of the perfect honeymoons you would have.

Zakynthos is one of the Greek islands. It’s one of those places that push the envelope when it comes to being a Mediterranean paradise. So, if you’re planning a great vacation with your better half, renting one of the villas in Zakynthos is your best bet.

So, here are the best places to escape for a romantic getaway in Zakynthos.

Romantic Getaways in Zakynthos

1. Porto Limnionas Beach

Hidden behind a narrow winding asphalt road is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zakynthos. Filled up to the brim with beautiful scenery, this is the place to let your hair down and enjoy the sun. The beach has crystal clear water and is surrounded all around by cliffs.

Like most beaches around here, the charm lies in the pristine nature of the beach. It’s clean and clear and the perfect place to lounge around and read on.

For the adventurous, the cove allows you to snorkel around and see the fish up close, and there’s a beautiful underwater bridge that you’ll be left raving about for months to come.

Pro TIp: While, there are adequate spaces to laze around on the beach, a good amount of sunscreen and an umbrella is your best bet of getting out without any hassle.

2. Keri Caves

One of the remote places that a lot of tours take you to, the Keri Caves are a revelation to any visitor. The whole area is quiet throughout the day and boasts of beautiful rock formation and beautiful clear water. You can take your chance at exploring the caves on your own with a swim or rent a private boat to have intimate moments out in the dark caves on the sea.

The nearby village of Limni Keri serves up wonderful food at its tavernas and makes for a wonderful visit after a day of exploration. If you’re looking for something to round off your day, you might even take a boat to the nearby “turtle island” to meet the famous sea turtles in the area.

3. Blue Caves

While not as extended and dark as the Keri Caves, the Blue Caves offer one of the best spaces to have a private cruise of your own. These caves provide changing colors and white rock formations all around the place. You can try your hand at diving and exploring the surrounding area and take a chance at finding the sea life around the area.

The Blue Caves is also one of the best places to kayak and explore the entire area without any worries. The waters are usually calm, so, if you want to lounge in the cool shade without the world calling out you and your partner, the Blue Caves are where you want to be.

4. Porto Roxa Beach

Don’t be fooled by the name, Porto Roxa Beach doesn’t boast of the cleanest sands and is quite hard to get into. Filled with cliff formations all around, the beach becomes the private paradise for the few people who decide to venture there. It’s not uncommon to find an entire stretch of the beach to yourself once you get there.

Enjoy lounging around the alcove with the rocks giving you shade, or experience the excellent Greek cuisine served up by the local tavernas.

The access to water is not directly throughout sand, but, once, you find your way there through the rocks, you’ll be greeted with clean and warm water that is sure to charm you.

Pro Tip: This is a popular nesting place for the sea turtles, so, keep a lookout for them while you’re there.

5. Kalamaki Beach

One of the favorites among the tourists to Zakynthos, Kalamaki is legendary. It’s not the quietest place imaginable with plane landings close by, but, it makes up for it with a calm sandy beach with blue waters all around. This is also one of the best places to spot the loggerhead turtles, so, you can rent out a boat and pay them a visit.

But, the thing to do in Kalamaki is to lounge on the beach and enjoy the sunset. The Zante town is nearby so, you do not have to worry about any of the food and drink worries, and the beach itself is surrounded by beautiful restaurants and hotels for you to enjoy.

Kalamaki is one of the beaches you would want to visit to enjoy the vibrant culture of the Zante and to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean.

6. Xigia Beach

Xigia is a small pebbled beach which has been getting a lot of rave reviews lately. One of the strangest things that you’ll notice as soon as you set your foot here is the cloudy water and the way the beach is shaped. While the beach is beautiful, the warm, cloudy water is supposed to be healing for anyone who takes a swim.

While the beach is small, it’s also one of the most beautiful and calm places to enjoy yourselves and go around snorkeling to discover the nearby wonders and sea life.

Don’t worry about food, the canteen in the locality serves out excellent cuisine that you can enjoy with your loved one without any worries.

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