3 Reasons To Start Creating a Podcast

Podcasts are a very simple form of audio content that have been around for some time. Essentially they a series of audio broadcasts that listeners can download in the form of audio files and listen to whenever they feel like it.

Although podcasts may not be as flashy as videos and visual content in general – it is actually a very powerful type of content in its own right. In fact there are several reasons why you should seriously consider creating a podcast of your own:

Start Creating a Podcast

More and more people are listening to podcasts

The audience that tunes in to podcasts has been growing steadily over the last few years. In the last year it grew by 11%, and seems set to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Overall podcasts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a type of content that is perfectly suited to mobile devices. The fact that you can download podcasts onto your smartphone and listen to them wherever you are makes them convenient to tune in to while commuting, driving, or even waiting around.

Podcasts establish a strong connection with the audience

If you’ve listened to podcasts in the past, you’ll probably understand that it feels a lot more personal than other types of content. It may be because podcasts put your voice directly in peoples’ ears, or it may be the informal and conversational structure that most podcasts use.

Whatever the case, podcasts have proven to be able to establish a very strong connection with their listeners. That is why they are able to attract subscribers who follow the broadcasts and keep tuning in for each episode that is released.

Podcasts are easy and inexpensive to create

In general it doesn’t take much to create a podcast. The planning stage is relatively straightforward, and once you’ve developed your idea you should be able to get by with a list of talking points that you can follow to stay on topic.

To actually record the podcast all that you need is a decent microphone as well as audio recording software. If you want you can use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac as a Mac audio recorder and can even use it to edit the audio afterwards. Its main features include its screen recording and video editing capabilities, but you won’t need them to produce a podcast.

It should be noted that podcasts are a very unique form of content, and the audience that you’ll reach with them tends to be unique as well. The demographic of people that listen to podcasts is not the same as people who watch videos or read blogs, and reaching them will let you expand your audience significantly.

Now that you understand the reasons why you should create a podcast – do you think it is a good fit for you? It may help to start to work on the ideas that you have for a podcast, and see if anything sticks while you do.

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