Giving Veterans The Welcome Home They Deserve

For soldiers, service in the United States Armed Forces simultaneously builds incredible experiences while demanding every last drop of their resilience.

The transition to civilian life should be a treasured experience, yet, as the Military Times highlights, it can be an incredibly confusing and alienating process for soldiers. This is where the American public can step in and provide a helping hand – starting with providing the shelter that veterans so sorely need.

Giving Veterans The Welcome Home

Providing shelter

Shelter is the bare minimum a veteran might expect; somewhere to lay their head, relax, and process their experiences at war. However, as the US Army housing plan has shown, that support isn’t always in place. There are two main blocks – the awareness of veterans of how to obtain housing, and the actual availability of housing. Soldiers may not have the VA loan income requirements needed to obtain a home in their birthplace, and this is where they need help. The community can help through directed housebuilding, the provision of temporary housing and, crucially, good quality jobs.

Jobs for veterans

Veterans are well-known for their work ethic; their businesses often fare better than others. However, as the BLS highlights, 6.5% of veterans are unemployed, with the rate increasing through 2020. This is clearly a challenge for the wider community, and something that local businesses and support networks can absolutely assist with. Producing jobs in the local area for the purpose of being for veterans is key, and a great way to help them get into the civilian community.

Offering a shoulder

Being a soldier is a profession that requires a familial style relationship with colleagues. Soldiers are brothers in arms, and rely on each other – at all times of day. Oftentimes, civilian life can be lonely – even with a family to return to. Indeed, the National Veterans Foundation highlights veterans experiencing long periods of isolation as a key reason behind the mental health and suicide epidemic. Simply offering a shoulder to veterans, a sign that they’re cared about and cared for, can be influential in aiding their transition to civilian life.

When integrated and happy in society, veterans are a huge positive for society. They have a lot of experience at relatively young ages, they are hard workers, and they are often multi-skilled. The burden they took on in defense of the country is one to be paid gratitude for.

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