Why is Juul so Popular?

If you are new to the vaping scene you have probably heard Juul dropped more than a few times. If you are old hat, you are probably getting a little tired of it by now. Unfortunately, Juul has come into their niche in the vaping industry that has caused a wildfire. Between their availability, simplicity, and marketing, they have a potent storm of popularity. Here is why the Juul is so popular.

Juul has an insidious availability for more product area coverage than most vaping devices. Since there is no regulation on the industry, Juul has created an easy to market, easy to sell device and cartridge that can be sold right along cigarettes in your convenient stores. While other vapes can be sold as well, it requires holding stock and inventory as well as bottles of flavor. Most convenient stores are not going to tackle that level of involvement.

Why is Juul so popular?

When the product has such widespread availability, it acts as a great buffer for smokers to try the vape without getting too far into the mix. If you want a better vape or a mod it takes doing some research. Pair this fact with being able to plug and play with the Juul it creates a potent alternative to smoking without ever setting foot into a vape shop or researching online.

At the end of the day, the Juul is probably one of the simplest forms of vaping on the market. You have your USB chargeable vape and a cartridge with your liquid. You snap the cartridge in, you enjoy your flavor then toss it and grab a new one. If you are new to the vaping scene this is much easier than the mod systems or even some of the other pen type vapes. This appeals to users of all age brackets, young and old. This is especially true for the older scene who are not enamored with large vape clouds or tricks.

The marketing for Juul is as potent as the product itself. Branded as an e-cigarette and touted to have a success record of breaking smokers’ habits, Juul set themselves up to be successful. Combined with the two previous statements, Juul has a marketing campaign that can be seen in almost any store and gives an in your face environment. Hardly any other vape companies can compete with that level of marketing due to the nature of their products being sold primarily in vape shops.

Juul created a perfect storm that set them up in the right place at the right time. These are not the only reasons that Juuls are so popular, but they certainly created the atmosphere for it. They are small, discrete and easy to use. They are affordable and readily available. When compared to other products, there simply are no alternatives that have the range and flexibility of the Juul. So, try as you might, Juul has made an excellent strategic move, and is not going anywhere any time soon.

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