Amit Raizada & Rick Fox: Here’s What Really Happened

Amit Raizada & Rick Fox were best friends. Then Amit Raizada sends an email and Rick Fox starts a campaign to take out his former best friend who’s he’s in debted to here the story on What Really Happened.

The last few weeks have been a very trying time for Amit Raizada and Rick Fox, a friend of his for close to two decades, Fox has been personally attacking his former business partner from Echo Fox, telling a slanted side of what led to their falling out. This misinformation has done significant damage to Raizada’s reputation, to the point that he no longer plans to stay silent according to an exclusive released by eSports news site Upcomer about Fox and Raizadas falling out where he speaks out.

For the first time, Raizada shared his side of the story with The website recently posted several quotes directly from the source, explaining how everything went down from Raizada’s perspective.

A Great Working Relationship

Raizada and Fox have known each other for years, and they built their relationship on mutual admiration and trust. Over the last few years (and specifically, in the last few months), all the changes have shocked Raizada. Especially after their close past when Raizada has saved and invested in the former NBA star numerous times.

Rick Fox and Amit Raizada
A Photo of former best friends Rick Fox & Amit Raizada on a boat together.

It started with some business disagreements at Echo Fox. The company was losing money, and it was putting stress on the relationship. According to Raizada, at one point Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall personally lost the company about $30 million (company just received a $30.25 buyout), which infuriated Raizada. This is how the infamous email, came to be where a racial epithet was used.

Admitting to his mistake

One of the most interesting things in the piece is that Raizada is very open about his mistake in that email to Jace Hall. He not only takes full responsibility, but shows the exact apology email he sent shortly after to Hall. Raizada understands that a poor choice of words can never 100% be fully taken back, but in the piece, he shows the lengths he took to restore order within the company and that the email was never to Rick Fox who has taken this as an opportunity for “civil extortion”.

The Aftermath

No one within Echo Fox condoned this comment, but it was an in-house issue after the fact. Raizada wanted out of the company, because he no longer trusted the leadership of Rick Fox. He needed to come up with $5 million to complete the buyout, but that is when the email came into the picture.

According to Raizada, Fox used the email for civil extortion to avoid paying the $5 million owed. He threatened to go public with this racist comment to ruin Raizada’s name and force his hand. Raizada believed that friendship would ultimately prevail, but he found out the hard way that Fox leaked the information to Dextero, and it soon went viral in esports circles.

Proof of Extortion?

Accusations of extortion are harsh, but are they warranted? Raizada firmly believes that his legal team has all the information necessary to prove their case. It all comes down to Fox conspiring a deal with Dexerto and a company connected to them, Field Level Media. However, when reached for comment, Dexerto stated that they no longer have a working relationship with Field Level Media and that their reporting on the email was a result of independent research on the matter.

Raizada believes that it just doesn’t add up. Fox has connections throughout the sports industry, and he stands by the accusations of extortion. The company began struggling mightily soon after Fox took leadership, so he was looking for any shortcut possible to make ends meet.

What Really Caused Riot Games To Sell Echo Fox’s Spot?

So at the end of the day, what caused Riot Games to sell Echo Fox’s spot? According to virtually every single report on the topic, it was a combination of them wanting out months before this email went out due to financial issues and the email sent by Raizada was a way to move things forward. The behavior breached the League of Legends Championship Series rules of conduct.

According to Raizada, the email simply started an investigation into the company as a whole. What was found were several material breaches because the company was lacking the proper amount of funding. In total, he says Fox caused three material breaches, which forced the sale. It was ultimately not the email that hurt the company directly.

Fox has continually painted himself as the hero, in this case, getting rid of the racist man holding the company back. Raizada blames Fox for using this as a publicity stunt which judging by all the media he’s been doing isn’t absurd to believe.

What’s Next?

The goal of Raizada was to make sure that he had a voice in this fight instead of taking all the heat. Fox is the former NBA player with connections throughout the sports and esports world while Raizada brought in Stratton Sclavos an expert in the professional sports world. For most of his life, Raizada has conducted his business behind closed doors. In the court of public opinion, he is at a disadvantage.

By sharing his story, he fully expects there to be a rebuttal from the other party. He felt let down and betrayed that a decades-long friendship has evolved into this, but it seems like the situation has reached the point of no return and esports redditors are getting more clarity on the situation now.

Independent websites, including, promise to look into both sides of the story to attempt to find the ultimate truth. With such different stories being told. This appears to be just the beginning of what could be a lengthy sports battle.

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