A Checklist To Use When Shopping For A Preowned Dry Van Trailer

If you are managing a logistics or delivery business, you likely know that the most popular type of trailer is a dry van trailer. These trailers are used when you do not have anything that is sensitive to humidity or temperature. The best part of this is that you can use these trailers over and over again, clean them easily, and maintain them easily. There is no machinery that must be serviced, and you can load or reload the trailers multiple times per day if need be. Your drivers do not need any special training to drive with these trailers, and they can be hauled by any standard truck. Read this checklist so that you know what you are looking for when shopping for one of these trailers.

Is There A Brand You Like?

When shopping for dry vans for sale, you need to look at the brands that you trust. Every company or manager has a brand that they prefer over the others, and you can start with these brands as you shop. Once you have narrowed down your list, you can start looking at the prices. You want to get a low price, but you need to consider other parts of the trailer’s history and design before you continue.

Shopping For A Preowned Dry Van Trailer

How Long Is The Trailer?

While most trailers are the same length because the industry has standards, you can find slightly shorter and longer trailers that may work better for your business. Decide how big your trailers need to be before you shop because each business has its own needs. Use the size to narrow down your list of options, and ensure that you have asked your drivers what they think is best.

Does The Trailer Come With A Tail?

The trailer tail is a very easy thing to use because it allows you to save money on mileage, tire wear, and wear on the engine. The trailer tail makes the trailer much more efficient, and it is worth your money to pay for the tail if you can find a trailer that has one fitted. Plus, you can load and unload around the tail easily. Your company is trying to save as much money as possible, and you will get an extra savings by having the tail on the back of the truck.

The Exterior Quality

The exterior must be free from rust, and the paint job should be as nice as possible. You may choose to repaint the truck, but you will spend a lot of money removing old paint and cleaning up rust. Plus, that rust could have reached the undercarriage and damaged the axles, wheels, and floor of the trailer.

The Interior Quality

The interior of the trailer should be clean, and it should be free from rust if you can see the metal construction of the frame. You need to make sure that the interior can be painted easily, and you must ensure that you can clean it. If you believe that the trailer has mold or mildew growing inside it, you must move on to another trailer. Plus, you should check the door and lock to make certain that they close properly.

The Wheels and Tires

You will need to replace the tires on the trailer eventually, but you should not spend your money on a trailer that needs to have the wheels and/or tires replaced. Check the tire wear, and check the wheels to ensure that they are not rusted. Ensure that you have checked the inside and outside tires. There are times when the trailer is not balanced and one set of tires is wearing more than another.

You should also check the hitch when looking at trailers for sale, and you can use these criteria to ensure that you have gotten the best deal.

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