He Wasted 90 Minutes Installing A New Cat Door… And This Is How It Ends!

Cats are very sneaky pet. No one knows for sure what they will do next. When it comes to your personal space, cats don’t really give a damn whether or not you’re uncomfortable. In fact, it seems that they actually like interrupting you, preventing you from doing things, or letting you down every time they get a chance.

Meet Philo, a cat who is no different from any other cat, enjoying letting his owner down. His owner spent 90 minutes installing a new cat door so Philo could come and go as he pleases. But he has something different in his mind.

Watch the reaction of Philo the Cat in the video below.

Credit: Philo Cat

Ouch… This is a heartbreaking moment for any cat owner. SHARE this video with your pet-lover friends. They need to see it too.

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