Where to Find a VIN in Your Car?

VIN code is of a paramount importance to know about if you own a car. VIN consists of 17 numbers and characters that can tell one about the features and history of virtually any car. For example, if you are thinking about buying a used automobile, VIN decoding is one of the first things to ask for. The VIN decoding and VIN check reports can tell you a lot about vehicle’s history.

However, before decoding, we first must know the exact VIN location on the vehicle. Thus, start by asking yourself what to look for.

Find a VIN in Your Car

As mentioned earlier, it is a long code that is placed both on a car itself and is dubbed in vehicle’s documents. Models of 1968 and later years have VIN codes located at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side of the dash. It is easy to see it when standing outside the car and looking at the dashboard where it meets the windshield. However, if you do not see it there, do not worry. A plate with VIN can be also found on the driver’s side door. Open it and check the location where the door latches when closed as shown on the picture below.

Find a VIN in Your Car

Where Else to Look

If for some reason you cannot look for it on the car itself, try checking car’s documents such as:

  • Insurance policy card,
  • Vehicle registration document.

Why Do I Need to Know the VIN of My Car?

Knowing where to find the VIN in your car is virtually knowing where all the information about your car is stored. It is best to do it before buying a used car. As a secondary owner, you are interested in the events that the car on sale had been in such as theft, accidents, lien, etc. This information is crucial for your safety since it can tell you about the existence of internal damages and breakages. If, for example, you are choosing between two or three automobiles, VIN reports on each of them can help you make the right decision. That’s why VIN check should always be a priority when deciding on a new car.

What to Do Next?

Once the VIN is found, you can go ahead and order your VIN check. It is easy and won’t take much time. Go to the website with a built-in VIN checker. The only thing you have to do is to enter the numbers and letters of your code and wait for an online decoder to decipher it for you. VIN check can reveal a lot about car’s history also including:

  • Car value,
  • Car’s historical price,
  • Acquired defects,
  • Former owners’ recalls.

As a rule, you can obtain basic information of decoding for free. However, a detailed history will require that you make a certain payment to a VIN checking service. The report they provide is a full and detailed history of the car with all major accidents and events the car had previously been subjected to.

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