Tips and Tricks on How to Track an iPhone if it Gets Lost

Carrying an iPhone is a status symbol which everybody wants to own some time or the other. But it is also true that it is not everybody’s cup of tea because of…ahem!!…its high cost. Even people who can afford it carry it around securely, guarding it wherever they go.

No one likes to get their smart phones or even the non-android type phones stolen or lost, let alone an iPhone, because of the very basic reason that nowadays all the important personal data relating to an individual ranging from bank details to important passwords are all stored in their smart phones or iPhones. If somehow it is lost or stolen, the security of the important data in the phone is compromised.

In such cases, people owning iPhones have no need to be hassled because now tracking your iPhone is child’s play due to the built-in GPS feature that is pre-installed in all the iPhones.

Let me further tell you how to track an iPhone by different and many apps available in the app market:

How to track an iPhone5:

You can install the Find My Friends app and share your iPhone status and location with your group of friends so that when and if your iPhone gets lost, you can always check the app in your friend’s iPhones and know the current location of your phone.

The best and trending software used by mostly all of the iPhone users is the Find My iPhone app. There are various ways on How to track an iPhone5 with this app from another device which are as follows:


Visit the site from any computer. You can use your Apple log in ID that you use while using your iPhone. This website will help you with how to track a iPhone and provide you with the location of your iPhone and if it is switched off or the battery is gone dead then it will show the last location of the phone.

2. Using other IOS device:

You can use this app to know how to track an iPhone5 on some other IOS device also. Open the Find My iPhone app. Here you will have to log in as a guest user after opening the app. You can start by clicking on the all devices icon on the top of the screen after which you can choose a device to search for your phone. While doing so you can add your Apple ID to connect to the other IOS phone via the Find My Phone app. Then you can select your phone from the list in the other IOS device and find the location information of your phone.

3. Mspy app for your iPhone:

You can install and use mspy app which is the best mobile tracking app. With its iPhone GPS tracker mspy can easily locate your phone and also the route to get to it.

4. Send an alert notification:

Sometimes it may so happen that the phone is in the house but situated in such a place where you are unable to find it. In such cases you can send a notification to your phone which makes it start ringing in the loudest volume for a full 2 minutes even if your ringer is on low. During this time you can easily be able to locate your phone.

It is advisable to erase the data off your phone in case you are not able to track it since some time so as not to compromise the security of the data in the phone. You can always receive backup from iTunes once you have got back your iPhone.

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