50 Strange Houses With Human Faces To Ignite Your Creative Side.

Art comes in many form. Whether it’s street graffiti or creative photos, it never cease to amaze us. Usually architecture art and human expression do not mix very well, but when they do, you cannot believe what can be produced.

These houses with human faces are the perfect example of creative architecture that shows a good combination of art, creative vision and out of the box thinking. This proves that creativity has no boundaries. Hope you like them.

#1. OOoooh.

Source: Jose Antonio Navas

#2. Haired House

Houses with human faces - Haired House
Source: mandragor.de

#3. House with Chicken Man Face

House with Chicken Man Face
Source: imgur.com

#4. Lion Face

Lion Face
Source: georges courreges

#5. House Face

House Face
Source: kerryholford

#6. Kyoto Face

Kyoto Face
Source: zio Paolino

#7. :-O

Houses with human faces - :-O
Source: eneko123

#8. Dog House

Dog House
Source: Ruben Steeman

#9. I Will Kill You

I Will Kill You
Source: Mama Zita

#10. Funky House

Funky House
Source: Steve Reed

#11. Abraham Hasbrouck House Face

Abraham Hasbrouck House Face
Source: Richard

#12. Innisfil Blue House

Houses with human faces - Innisfil Blue House
Source: Mr Perry

#13. Happy songster

Happy songster
Source: Bill Kennedy

#14. Cute House

Cute House
Source: TheDentures

#15. Oo… Waa…

Oo… Waa…
Source: TheDentures

#16. Las Brisas Hotel

Las Brisas Hotel
Source: Frank Synopsis

#17. Happy house

Happy house
Source: M@

#18. Presumida

Houses with human faces - Presumida
Source: Emiliano

#19. Happy House

Happy House
Source: GoogleEyes

#20. Sad Face in Anjos

Sad Face in Anjos
Source: Mark

#21. I see faces

I see faces
Source: tanakawho

#22. Barbu

Houses with human faces - Barbu
Source: M@

#23. Carita de pez

Carita de pez
Source: pablo_psz

#24. OMG!

Source: tanakawho

#25. This happy fun house has seen better days

This happy fun house has seen better days
Source: Unknown

#26. 1 a face

1 a face
Source: Jyh-Herng Chow

#27. Screaming House

Houses with human faces - Screaming House
Source: Houses with Face

#28. Kenwood Way and Keystone Way

Kenwood Way and Keystone Way
Source: throgers

#29. The Walls Have Ears

The Walls Have Ears
Source: Liz du Canada

#30. I’m Watching You

I’m Watching You
Source: Afri Ola

#31. The house that winked on me

The house that winked on me
Source: Dimitris Papazimouris

#32. Smileyface House

Houses with human faces - Smileyface House
Source: Ronald Hackston

#33. Talking heads

Talking heads
Source: René Dings

#34. Weeeeee

Source: Ingvild Sommer

#35. Hausgesicht

Source: ernst stecker

#36. Aarggh!

Source: i y e r s

#37. I got a nice teeth

I got a nice teeth
Source: jopotts

#38. House uprised

Houses with human faces - House uprised
Source: Br0m

#39. Ah!

Source: 77 zhuang

#40. Hus_igen

Source: thom_s

#41. Angry House

Angry House
Source: Houses with Faces

#42. House with white beard.

House with white beard.
Source: Jon Evans

#43. Restaurant L’Arcadie

Restaurant L’Arcadie
Source: _Marcel_

#44. The Face of Tokyo

The Face of Tokyo
Source: gbalogh

#45. Ghost Face

Ghost Face
Source: martinj13

#46. Blipfoto

Houses with human faces - Blipfoto
Source: Andreas

#47. Left side looking house

Left side looking house
Source: Sébi

#48. The Scream House

The Scream House
Source: Brandt Botes

#49. Ultrahouse

Source: Trane DeVore


Source: darren webb

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