High-End Design Trends Wowing the Jewelry Industry

The global economy may be in a recession, yet the luxury industry is predicted to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, as reported by The Economic Times. Research by Bain consultancy suggests that high-end handbags, clothes, accessories, and fine jewelry will return to their $340 billion worth (obtained in 2019) as tourism begins to pick up and the era of ‘the new normal’ commences. Top houses – think Chopard, Bvlgari, and Cartier – have certainly remained creative this year, creating pieces that inspire a love for luxury and celebrate the ‘design for life’ concept. These are just a few trends to look out for if your next investment jewelry piece is in the works.

Jewelry Industry Design Trends

Impressionism in Jewelry

Some designers – including iconic Milan creator Andrea Buccellati, are turning to art to find the inspiration for colorful designs that celebrate the many hues that gemstones can be found in. Buccellati’s wide Lilium bracelet, for instance, features pink, blue, green, and transparent gemstones shaped into a flower and set in yellow gold. Tsavorites, white diamonds, kunzite, and sapphires are just a few stones you will find in this design. To invest in a gemstone piece of your own, opt for classic stones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires for long-lasting appeal. Wearing sapphires with sartorial flair is easy, as is the case for all ‘Big Three’ gems. For elegant events, choose one statement piece and let it capture the attention of jewelry lovers in the room. To lend them a more casual or urban feel, stack them up with chains and pendants in mixed metals.

Sculptural Nature-Inspired Jewelry

During challenging times, nature is always a godsend. The verdant world of forests and the azure blue of the sea have long been the inspiration of prestigious houses like Akoya Pearls or Cartier. Some collections obtain wide inspiration from specific parts of the world while others focus on just one species. Take Cartier’s gorgeous Cactus collection, comprising sculptural pieces shaped like cacti. One of the cutest designs is undoubtedly the Cactus de Cartier Ring, featuring a naif cactus flower design made from yellow gold, emeralds, carnelian, and diamonds.

History Leading the Way

Many high-end brands turn to historical buildings or individuals for ideas and Chaumet has aced this art to perfection in its Torsade collection – inspired by the spiral Vendôme column. The latter (with its statue of Napoleon on its top) looks over the atelier and is, therefore, an ideal source of inspiration. The Torsade collection contains pieces that are almost impossible to fathom – sapphire rings housed with raised diamond spirals, gracefully curved tiaras, and asymmetric earrings that are a veritable ode to movement. Louis Vuitton, meanwhile, takes its cue from the world of medieval heroines with designs that have an armour-like appearance. Then there is Boucheron, whose Paris Vu Du 26 collection is inspired by the equine sculptures on the facade of the Ópera Garnier.

The luxury jewelry sector is bouncing back with aplomb, with designers revealing the power of creativity to withstand even the biggest challenges. Just a few trends in high-end pieces include impressionistic and sculptural pieces, as well as those inspired by nature. These collections invite us to dream and to believe that the idea of Platonic or irrefutable beauty, is actually a reality.

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