5 Tips For Buying Pet Shampoo That Will Improve Their Coat

Owning a pet isn’t just fun and games; there are responsibilities and duties you have to fulfill to give them a happy and comfortable life. Unlike humans, pets rely entirely on their owners. So, it’s up to us to feed them regularly, provide enough water, create a comfortable living space, bathe them, and take them out for daily walks. The best part? All the affection and care we show our pets is returned in love and cuddles from our furry friends!

When it comes to bathing your dogs, you should use a good-quality shampoo to ensure they have a beautiful coat. A shiny coat is not only great to look at, it also indicates that your pet’s skin is healthy and free from irritants.

It’s always a good idea to buy a shampoo that’s tailored to your pet’s breed or coat type. For example, if you have an adorable Goldendoodle, you should check out the Petsumer.com post here to see which kind of pet shampoo best serves your dog’s unique coat.

Listed below are the tips on how you can buy the perfect shampoo to avoid sensitive skin and give your dog a healthy and shiny coat:

Pet Shampoo

1. Ponder Your Pet’s Skin

To achieve a healthy coat, you should prioritize the condition of their skin first. If the skin is irritated or otherwise unhealthy, your pet will have a difficult time producing a great coat.

If your pet has dry skin, you should look for a moisturizing shampoo which contains jojoba oil and oatmeal as they’re popular in soothing dry skin. After you’ve bathed your pet, make sure that you rinse them thoroughly to confirm that you haven’t left any soap residue on their skin, as this can cause itching and flaking, making any potential skin conditions worse.

For dogs with sensitive skin, ensure that you purchase hypoallergenic pet shampoo to avoid the prospect of developing allergies during bath time. To be extra sure, you can use natural shampoo free from any harsh chemicals.

2. Specifics For Their Coat

There are three kinds of pet coat: thin, medium, and dense. To ensure that you’re providing the best shampoo for your dog, make sure that you purchase a shampoo that’s specialized for their coat to maximize its benefits:

  • A thin coat means that your pet has a fine hair with no signs of any fluffiness. Examples include chihuahuas and greyhounds. For this kind of coat, you should look for low-density shampoo.
  • A medium coat is the most common type amongst dogs. You may need to move the fur a little bit to see your pet’s skin. For this kind of coat, you should look for a medium-density shampoo.
  • Lastly, a dense coat has an intense volume of fur, and it can be challenging to see the skin through it. For this kind of coat, you should look for a high-density shampoo.

3. Check The Ingredients

If you’re entirely aware of your pet’s allergies, you should always check the shampoo’s ingredient label to make sure that there are no allergens or triggers mixed in. This is a straightforward way to minimize the exposure of allergies to your pet to prevent any further illness.

When shopping for pet shampoo, stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, phthalates, mineral oils, and isothiazolinone preservatives, as these ingredients aren’t safe for your pet’s skin.

Pet Shampoo

4. Confirm The pH Balance

Before picking up the first pet shampoo that you see, make sure that the shampoo is pH balanced specifically for your pet, as an improper pH level can disrupt with your pet’s skin health, making it dry and prone to dandruff, leading to dull, lackluster hair.

When shopping for dog shampoo, the pH level should be around 6.2 to 7.4 to ensure that it’s perfectly compatible and safe for your dog.

5. Read Reviews

It’s always recommended to read reviews online to make sure that any potential pet shampoo lives up to its claims. Some pet shampoos have excellent packaging that can convince you that it’s incredible and it can help to improve with your pet’s coat health. However, some customers might not feel the same.

Reading reviews will help you to make a more informed decision about the shampoo you ultimately purchase, helping your dog to achieve a healthy coat without having to spend excessive amounts of money.


Picking the right pet shampoo can be quite tricky, most especially since there are countless pet shampoos available on the market. To help make a good choice for your dog, you should always check the ingredient label of the shampoo to ensure that it has safe ingredients and try to go for as natural a formulation as possible. Pick the perfect shampoo that’ll match your pet’s coat, triple check the pH levels, and lastly, it never hurts to read impartial reviews from other dedicated dog owners. A beautiful coat is a healthy coat!

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