How to Write Your First Speech at College

To deliver a speech in front of your classmates and teachers for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. It’s not just the speaking part that you need to perfect but also coming up with the content for the speech. But if you learn how to write an effective speech, it will give you a confidence boost and enable you to impress everyone around you.

When planning your first speech in college, you must pay attention to the smallest details. A well-crafted speech will persuade, inform, entertain, and even motivate your audience. Here’s how to do it.

Create an outline and a draft

Start your process by writing an outline of your speech. For this, you can brainstorm with your friends and do a good outlining. Make sure to have clear ideas and a relevant topic around it. Based on this, you can write down the main points you want to discuss in your speech. This is also the step where you need to research facts that will support your main ideas work.

When you’re done with this part, you can create a draft based on your outline. During this step, you might realize that you left out some important points in your outline. In such a case, revise your outline to accommodate the missing details. When writing your draft, focus on getting the words on paper. You can worry about refining things later.

Write Your First Speech at College

Learn how to catch the attention of your audience

In the introduction of your speech, you must gain your audience’s attention and make them interested in what you have to say. Never assume that their audience will naturally listen to you from the get-go.

Remember that your audience may refrain from talking while you present your speech, but this does not mean that they’re listening to you. Getting your audience to listen is one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome.

Use a speech writing service

When it comes to speech writing at the college level, you need to follow certain requirements or pre-set formats. College speeches differ from “normal speeches” and other written works. If this is your first time writing a speech and you are not yet familiar with the requirements, you may consider asking for help from a speech writing service.

Professional speech writing services cater to different levels of academics. When I had a similar task to manage and I lacked ideas, my friend suggested that I should search for help to write my speech for me. I came across Uk.EduBirdie and they provided an effective speech that was highly gripping and kept the audience captivated. If you need assistance, simply search for help on the Edubirdie site and one of the best writers will take over the work on your behalf.

Use the right structure

A speech usually consists of three main sections: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. One of the most important aspects of a speech is that it should grab your audience’s attention at the onset and maintain that attention.

Do this by following the simple structure while painting a mental image of what the topic is about for the people listening to you. Doing this is the key, whether you need to write a simple college speech or a powerful military speech in the future.

Decide how you will present your speech

Thanks to modern applications, it is now easier to write and emphasize the most important points of speeches. After writing your speech, you can make it more interesting through the method you use to present it.

Having a template gives you control over how your presentation will feel and look. A well-designed template will make a huge difference. If you’re tech-savvy, you can design your own template from scratch.

Moreover, it also takes time to create a good template. Another alternative is to hire a designer to come up with an original template for you, but this will cost you more. Either way, once you have your template, you can start thinking about how to use it in presenting your speech.


The old adage, “practice makes a man perfect,” applies to so many different things, even writing good speeches. The more you practice, the better you become. When you write your speech, don’t skip the outline, as this will serve as your roadmap to make the processes of drafting and revising smoother. When you’re done, try practicing your speech alone and in front of others. This makes you well-prepared for the time when you will present your speech.

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