The Four Essential Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the simple breakdown of those man made machines that have the ability to think and make decisions. It is important to understand that AI is very broad branch that Humans use AI to help ease their work and release burden off their shoulders. You can learn more about AI through the some of the most easy and highly relevant online courses for AI available on the internet. with numerous other key factors.

Essential Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machines – Type 1

Reactive machines can be termed as the most simplistic and basic form of AI. It is completely based on present reactions and makes all the decisions spontaneously. It does not rely on past experiences and hence has no specific memory whatsoever. Reactive machines have no real idea of the real world and hence cannot act beyond the concepts that have been ingrained into them. One of the most famous kinds of the reactive machines is the Deep Blue. Deep Blue was supercomputer designed to play chess back in the 1980s. Designed by IBM, Deep Blue was developed in such a manner that it understood the chess board and all the relevant chess moves. It had all the knowledge regarding the moves it had to make, completely responsive to the opponent’s actions. Playing a number of different matches with the Russian chess masters, Deep Blue was able to defeat them with ease.

Limited Memory – Type 2

Limited Memory is completely different from the Reactive Machines. They are completely reliant on past knowledge that helps them making the decisions in the present times. One of the most basic examples of this type lies with the autonomous vehicles. These self-driven cars are equipped with programmed knowledge that helps them access the speed of the cars and make decisions accordingly. These cars detect the nature of the roads, the environment, and then adjust according to the factors. Key factors including, traffic signals, switching of lane are also pre-taught to them in order to make sure that the safety rules are followed.

Theory of mind – Type 3

Theory of mind is almost the situation where every decision is taken according to the human mind, but by machines. Voice assistant is one of those machine that still has the capability of having abilities of a human. But even that is not capable of having the human ability to actually feel the emotions. However, the theory on mind is the new phenomena that will have the capacity to not only think but have the emotional capability to feel like humans too. With Artificial Intelligence coming into play, the machines will not have the ability to retain and remember emotional feelings regarding their fellow humans.

Self-Awareness – Type 4

Self-awareness as the name suggests gifts people the ability to have the consciousness of a living human being. This is said to be the most advanced and thoughtful branch of AI, but it is yet to published. This new form of AI will not only bless machines the capacity to copy the actions of other human beings, but it will also help machines to make decisions for themselves and have certain needs, wants, and desires. Self-awareness can be seen an advancement to the Type 3, i.e. Theory of mind. While theory of mind dealt with, “I want to do this thing”, Self-awareness rather deals with, “I know I want to do this”.

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