An Option for Canadians With a Criminal Background Who Wants to Visit the U.S.

It is possible to be permitted entry into the United States, even if you have a criminal background in Canada.

U.S. Restrictions Against Canadian Criminals

Canadians with a criminal history know how difficult it can be to integrate back into society, butt what if they want to cross the border into the United States of America? This is a whole different story, and the truth is that there are some restrictions and governmental laws set up that can make coming to the U.S. quite strenuous for certain Canadians. Believe it or not, there are many cases of having a criminal past that can bar your entry into the U.S., even if your crime is decades old. In reality, people travel from Canada to the United States for many reasons, including to be with family, for health or employment opportunities, and even just travel. When U.S. authorities or the deportation police decide to give you a hard time, what can you do about it? U.S. waivers for entry can help out.

The U.S. Entry Waiver

So, what is this entry waiver? First of all, it can be used by Canadian citizens who currently have a crime on their permanent record, as well as Canadians who have overstayed their visa. There have even been cases of Canadian individuals who were not found guilty of the crime and didn’t receive a conviction, and yet they were still turned away from entering the United States. Clearly, the U.S. does not deal with all Canadian entrants in the same manner, which can make things especially difficult and frustrating for Canadian citizens who are seeking entry across the border. For some of these people, the United States could be their last hope at a life of health and stability.

Applying for the Waiver

When it comes to applying for the U.S. entry waiver, you must first have your fingerprints taken and recorded by a recognized agency. The United States deportation office and authorities will require a lengthy collection of specific documents and signed paperwork for each Canadian applicant. Documents from your court appearances and trials, as well as the correct immigration forms should be included in this paperwork. As a person who has been denied entry or re-entry into the United States, you will need to complete form I 192. Finally, be aware that the entire application process will take anywhere from 8 months to a full year.

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