Items of Clothes You Wear and Your Girlfriend Hates

Clothes don’t make the man, but they can make the man look more attractive. Some men know how to dress sharp, yet some just blindly follow new fashion trends and buy all those advertised items. The thing is, they forget about such criterion as the appropriateness of clothing.

The way a person dresses makes a certain impression on other people, particularly of the opposite sex. Women are very sensitive to their looks as well as the image of their current and potential romantic partners. You should be aware of some clothes that repel girls and get rid of those items to be a good match for girls on

Very Deep V-necks

In many movies, a deep V-neck T-shirt is a typical item of clothes worn by some kind of a macho. In real life, a deep V-neck can add some sexuality to your style, but usually, if it’s too deep, it’s associated with a lack of taste and looks quite vulgar, from women’s point of view.

Too Short Shorts

This summer, a lot of women complain about the length of men’s shorts – they are too short. Well, shorts that reach the level of knees and are worn with a long-sleeved shirt make a good combination for a summer attire. But if the shorts have the length of boxers, women consider it too much and don’t take the man wearing them seriously. It’s one thing when the short shorts are worn by a girl and reveal her beautiful legs, but a guy wearing them makes a totally different impression.

Items of Clothes You Wear and Your Girlfriend Hates

T-Shirts with ‘Funny’ Sayings and Blatant Slogans

This kind of T-shirt is an absolute no-no on a first date. Women perceive such T-shirts as a primitive way to attract attention. It’s better to wear a logo T-shirt or the one without any prints than be a walking newspaper.


Flip-flops are appropriate if you wear them at the beach or in the swimming pool. This is not the right footwear for a walk in the city. Another taboo is to wear flip-flops with jeans or trousers.

A Vest without a Suit and a Shirt

To make their look more interesting, some men wear a classic vest over a T-shirt or a pullover. However, girls think that such a combination is not attractive at all. A more attractive and more appropriate option for them is a vest over a shirt as part of a classic suit.

Quirky Belt Buckles

The belt with a big decorated buckle is an obsolete trend. Such belts were trendy a long time ago. Today, minimalism is in vogue. It means you should wear classic brown and black belts with minimalistic buckles. Avoid logos and too decorated buckles.

Pink Clothes

Pink-colored clothes have long become part of men’s wardrobe. Yet, women still don’t consider it to be a men’s color. It’s difficult for them to treat a man wearing a pink T-shirt as a real man. So, choose more ‘manly’ colors if you want to make the right impression on a particular woman you want to date.

Tight Skinny Jeans

Women say yes to the narrow bottom jeans. They look much better than those baggy trousers worn by our fathers. Nevertheless, too skinny jeans that look more like women’s tights are totally off-putting. Women just look askance at the men who wear those jeans.

The Abundance of Accessories

Too many accessories are not a sign of a good taste both in women and men. Accessories should complement your image, not overload it. As to the rings, the golden rule is one ring on each hand. If you wear a watch, a bracelet will be superfluous.

A Dangerous Combination: Sandals and Socks

Despite the fact that watching some fashion shows you can see models wearing sandals and socks, in real life, this set is hilarious. For many years, men wearing this set have been ridiculed.

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