40 Things You Should Start Making At Home To Save More Money. #10 Is My Favorite!

While having different types of problems in our homes, we all have few some common problems, and money saving is one of them. Every households having hard trouble saving money.

Now when others struggling with saving issues, you can use following quality hacks to increase your saving. These are some of the regular things you buy from market and spend more than what you need to. So, to save more, from now on you should stop buying these 40 things from market and start making them at your home. Creating many of these at your home are very good in terms of our hygiene and purity.

#1. Homemade Butter

Hacks to save more - Homemade Butter

Instead of buying preservative laden, calorific heavy butter from the store, make your own butter with just 4 ingredient and a standard kitchen mixer…so simple yet so tasty. [Read The Recipe]

#2. Homemade Nutella

Hacks to save more - Homemade Nutella

It would make more sense to give your children chocolate spread which you made and know exactly what is in right? Then how about this fantastic recipe. [Read The Recipe]

#3. Homemade Un-paper Towels

Hacks to save more - Homemade Un-paper Towels

These will act just like paper towels, but look pretty, and are totally re-usable, meaning you only have to purchase the materials once. Not forgetting them being economically friendly. [Read The Recipe]

#4. Spice Mixers

Hacks to save more - Spice Mixers

Did you know that store bought spice mixers and rubs have all sorts of questionable ingredients in them like fillers, preservatives and other unwanted fake flavor enhancers? It is far healthier, cheaper and tastier to make your own, here are 17 combinations to start you off. [Read The Recipe]

#5. Homemade Peanut Butter

Hacks to save more - Homemade Peanut Butter

It is so simple to make this pantry staple it would be silly to buy it. With only 3 ingredients you can make a simple tasty Peanut Butter for your whole family. [Read The Recipe]

#6. Homemade Ketchup

Homemade Ketchup

This ketchup won’t break the bank, tastes better than the real deal and contains no added sugar – so it’s nutritionally good for the whole family. [Read The Recipe]

#7. Homemade Mascara

Hacks to save more - Homemade Mascara

Arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, lead and thallium are toxins we do NOT want to be applying to our skin! So opt for this homemade version and you will save money and protect your skin. [Read The Recipe]

#8. Homemade Body Wash

Hacks to save more - Homemade Body Wash

If you want to save money but have little time to spare, then this is the natural alternative is for you. A simple recipe and method which makes a soapy bubbly wash great for all skin types. [Read The Recipe]

#9. DIY Tinted Lipstick

DIY Tinted Lipstick

This recipe includes beeswax pastilles, Shea/cocoa butter and coconut oil. It allows you to customize it with different natural powders, such as beetroot powder for red hues, cocoa powder for brown hues and bentonite clay for a matte texture. [Read The Recipe]

#10. Homemade Mayonnaise

Hacks to save more - Homemade Mayonnaise

This is a great recipe for any mayonnaise lover out there wanting to make their own at home, it’s simple and easy and tastes better than the store bought versions. [Read The Recipe]

#11. Homemade Salad Dressing

Hacks to save more - Homemade Salad Dressing

This simple recipe for homemade salad dressing will jazz up any old salad and make it fabulous. Forget the store bought versions, get your aprons on and get making. [Read The Recipe]

#12. Homemade Honey Shampoo

Homemade Honey Shampoo

This shampoo helps reduce frizz, combat dandruff, moisturizer and softens you hair all in one. A natural, kind to your skin shampoo that will make you think twice next time you are in the store. [Read The Recipe]

#13. Homemade ‘Fake Febreeze’

Hacks to save more - Homemade ‘Fake Febreeze’

A bottle of Febreeze is currently selling on Amazon for a whopping $6.99, yet you can make a homemade version that’s just as effective (and natural) for only $0.15. [Read The Recipe]

#14. Homemade Squeezable Homemade Toothpaste

Hacks to save more - Homemade Squeezable Homemade Toothpaste

Ditch those commercial toothpastes on the market and opt for this natural re-mineralizing toothpaste that encourages white healthy teeth and improves oral health. [Read The Recipe]

#15. DIY Minty Mouthwash

Hacks to save more - DIY Minty Mouthwash

Not only is it chemical and alcohol-free, it’s practically free, well nearly is at $0.02 /oz! You will save loads on money this, and improve your family’s oral health at the same time – simple. [Read The Recipe]

#16. Homemade Super Strength Herbal deodorant

Homemade Super Strength Herbal deodorant

Rather than use expensive chemical filled deodorants, why not make your own? This requires just a few ingredients, is “super strength” and totally natural! [Read The Recipe]

#17. Homemade Eye Liner

Hacks to save more - Homemade Eye Liner

How would you like to be able to make your own natural eyeliner for just $0.24? [Read The Recipe]

#18. Homemade Bronzer

Hacks to save more - Homemade Bronzer

This homemade bronzer is really easy to make, simple to customize and so much better for your skin than store-bought varieties. A brilliant way of saving money too. [Read The Recipe]

#19. Homemade Natural Sun Screen

Hacks to save more - Homemade Natural Sun Screen

Most sun screens contain toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients that could actually damage you when they should be protecting you. Check out this natural alternative and make the swap. [Read The Recipe]

#20. DIY Natural Blush

DIY Natural Blush

Give your cheeks a rosy tint and brighten up your complexion with this easy natural blush recipe. Cosmetics are so pricey these days now really is the time to start making your own. [Read The Recipe]

#21. Honey, Beeswax & Almond Oil Moisturizing Creme

Hacks to save more - Honey, Beeswax & Almond Oil Moisturizing Creme

This recipe was first devised almost 2000 years ago. It’s thick, velvety and decadent qualities will leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated. [Read The Recipe]

#22. Homemade Under Eye Serum

Hacks to save more - Homemade Under Eye Serum

Ingredients such as tamanu oil, vitamin E oil, grapefruit seed extract, avocado oil, carrot seed oil and more make this such an effective anti-wrinkle eye serum that is totally natural. [Read The Recipe]

#23. World’s Best Homemade Laundry Detergent

World’s Best Homemade Laundry Detergent

It is all natural, it is much cheaper (you’ll be saving around $0.16 per load), it cleans incredibly effectively, it works in all washer types and it’s also safe for septic tanks. [Read The Recipe]

#24. Copycat Burts Bees Lip Balm

Hacks to save more - Copycat Burts Bees Lip Balm

This wonderful copy cat recipe from HappyMoneySaver.com reveals how you can make your own version of Burts Bees Lip Balm (Normally priced $2.50) for just $0.12 per tube. [Read The Recipe]

#25. Homemade Liquid Dish Soap

Hacks to save more - Homemade Liquid Dish Soap

This homemade liquid dish soap is fantastic. It’s natural, organic and antibacterial. [Read The Recipe]

#26. Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

Hacks to save more - Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

Making these lavender bath salts couldn’t be simpler. You need just a few ingredients such as Epsom salts, sea salt, dried lavender buds and lavender essential oil and then you just have to follow the instructions. [Read The Recipe]

#27. All-Natural Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Hacks to save more - All-Natural Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

This homemade foaming hand soap is: natural, green, non-toxic, chemical free, organic, gentle and Antibacterial. [Read The Recipe]

#28. DIY Anti-wrinkle Cream

DIY Anti-wrinkle Cream

Have you ever been tempted by those “miracle” creams that will make you look “ten years younger” that all the major beauty companies produce? Well most are packed with chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients and on top of that, they are outrageously expensive. Make your own instead! [Read The Recipe]

#29. Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Cubes

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Cubes

These are so simple to make, it simply requires mixing four ingredients together: washing soda, Epsom salt, Borax and lemon juice and then allowing to dry. [Read The Recipe]

#30. DIY Essential Oil Jelly Air Freshener

DIY Essential Oil Jelly Air Freshener

The great thing about these jelly air fresheners are that you can add ANY essential oil you want to, or even blend a few different oils together. Perfect if you have a particular scent you are trying to create. [Read The Recipe]

#31. Homemade Mod Podge

Hacks to save more - Homemade Mod Podge

If you are a keen crafter and go through tonnes of Mod Podge then why not have a go at making some for yourself. [Read The Recipe]

#32. Homemade Natural Fabric Softener

Hacks to save more - Homemade Natural Fabric Softener

Make your laundry smell amazing, stay fresh and soft, plus most fabric softeners are really toxic and could be harmful to skin. [Read The Recipe]

#33. Homemade Natural Bleach Alternative

Homemade Natural Bleach Alternative

If you find bleach cleaners too strong and sometimes irritate your skin or eyes, then this alternative promises to clean just like bleach but without the harmful side affects. [Read The Recipe]

#34. Natural DIY Disinfectant Spray

Hacks to save more - Natural Disinfectant Spray

It contains just four ingredients: water, eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree essential oil. The essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties helping to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home without the chemicals, without the expense and with a wonderful aroma, too! [Read The Recipe]

#35. Homemade Lemon Lavender Aromatherapy Candle

Hacks to save more - Homemade Lemon Lavender Aromatherapy Candle

These Lemon Lavender Aromatherapy Candles burn clear and fragrant – unlike many toxic store bought candles that release smoke and soot – and will make a wonderful addition to your home. [Read The Recipe]

#36. DIY Beeswax Furniture Polish

Hacks to save more - DIY Beeswax Furniture Polish

This is a really simple recipe for a beeswax furniture polish that will restore shine and add gloss to your wooden furniture returning it to its original beauty. No need for expensive store bought polish! [Read The Recipe]

#37. DIY Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner

DIY Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner

Here’s a great tutorial revealing how to make your own green, non-toxic, all-natural glass cleaner for just $0.45 per bottle! [Read The Recipe]

#38. Homemade Reed Diffusers With Essential Oils

Hacks to save more - Homemade Reed Diffusers With Essential Oils

You can buy one in the stores, but usually they are quite expensive and the scents are made primarily from chemicals. Instead why not make your own at home? You can use any essential oils you like and can blend different oils together to create an aroma that is perfect for you and your family. [Read The Recipe]

#39. Homemade Bath Tub Scrub

Hacks to save more - Homemade Bath Tub Scrub

A wonderful bathtub scrub enriched with lemon essential oil and a surprising ingredient…ground up eggshells which give the scrub its abrasiveness and mixed with baking soda and a citrus-y essential oil makes this fantastic bathtub scrub a real winner. [Read The Recipe]

#40. Homemade Potpourri

Hacks to save more - Homemade Potpourri

Potpourri is so simple to make it would be silly to pay for it. You can tailor the fragrances with your favorite smells and add some seasonal elements to make it even more special. [Read The Recipe]

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