Cannabis in Canada Marijuana Legislation by Province

Marijuana, or cannabis, has been one of the legal drugs in Canada since 17 October 2018 with the passing of the Cannabis Act. Each province has its own method of implementing the legalization of it.

There are of course some provisions of the legalization that each province has adopted. Minors, or those below 18 years of age, are prohibited from possessing and using it. But the minors are not who will be punished. Rather, those who give it to them. They also share the same standards for regulating and overseeing the consumption of cannabis. Another thing that all provinces prohibit is the use of cannabis while driving or operating a vehicle. This applies to the driver and all those on board. All provinces limit its possession in public to 30 grams of weed strain like Red Congolese. Other aspect of the implementation of this act has been given to the provinces to set. These include—but are not limited to—the selling and cultivation of marijuana.

Cannabis in Canada

Now let us look at the specific laws each province has set for its own boundaries.


Alberta’s ‘An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis’ is the law that applies to cannabis. This law gives all the limits and allowances for the possession, sale, and consumption of cannabis.

No person below 18 years of age is allowed to even enter these stores that sell cannabis. The stores are not allowed to be within 100 meters of schools or hospitals. They cannot be in the same location as those that sell alcohol. There is also a website that is run by the government.

The possession of marijuana in public is allowed as long as it does not exceed 30 grams. Transportation of cannabis is also allowed, provided that it is in a closed package and cannot be reached by anyone in the vehicle. Use of marijuana in places like hospitals, schools, or any child care locations is strictly prohibited. People are also allowed to grow up to four plants. This provision is, of course, subject to the landlord when the person is living in a condominium unit.

British Columbia

There are two laws passed by the province of British Columbia. These laws apply to everyone who use and/or wish to mail order cannabis for recreational purposes.

The minimum age to have the right to possess marijuana is 19 years of age. Sale of cannabis is also allowed through government-owned and private stores. These stores, same as Alberta, are not allowed to be in the same location as stores that sell alcoholic drinks.

Possession of marijuana is limited to a maximum of 30 grams. Transportation is also allowed as long as the product is in a sealed container and cannot be reached by anyone inside the vehicle. Smoking of cannabis is also prohibited in areas “frequented by children” like schools, parks, playgrounds, and community beaches. Households are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants provided that the same house is not being used as a day-care center. Landlords and housing councils may also have their own restrictions.


Manitoba passed a law which allows the use and sales of marijuana within the province.

First off, the minimum age requirement to possess marijuana in public is 19 years old and they are only allowed to have a maximum of 30 grams. Use of cannabis while operating a vehicle is also strictly prohibited. Marijuana transportation is also allowed as long as it is sealed and away from the occupants of the vehicle. No one is allowed to grow any plants.

Right now there are only four companies that are allowed to set up stores that sell marijuana. These companies may set up multiple stores, thought. Private sale of marijuana is allowed as long as it is done online.

New Brunswick

With the passing of ’The Cannabis Control Act and the Cannabis Management Corporation Act’ in New Brunswick, marijuana has been legalized throughout the province.

Right now there are 20 stores in the province. These stores are run by New Brunswick Liquor and Cannabis NB. These stores must at least be 300 meters away from schools and the product must be displayed only within glass enclosures. As with other provinces, no marijuana may be sold in places where alcohol is sold. Cannabis NB also operates a website where marijuana is sold.

Anyone below 19 years old is prohibited from possessing and consuming marijuana and they are allowed to possess up to 30 grams in public. Cannabis smoking in public is also prohibited. It may only be smoked inside private dwellings and homes. The law also allows the growing of four plants provided that they are in an enclosed area that is locked. Any cannabis products must be under lock and key.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador allows the possession of a maximum of 30 grams of marijuana. The minimum age required for it is 19 years old. Consumption in public is not allowed. They may only be used inside private residences. Only up to four plants may be grown.

There are 24 stores in the province that have been approved by the province. These stores may not be in the same location as stores that sell alcohol.

Northwest Territories

Cannabis in the province is initially being sold in liquor stores. Right now though there are only seven stores in the province. There is also a government run website that sells marijuana.

Those who are 19 years old and above may have only up to 30 grams in public. No marijuana may be used while operating a vehicle. Smoking is allowed only in places where tobacco is allowed. It is not allowed to smoke areas frequented by children and crowds. Four plants are allowed to be cultivated but any rental and condominium m agreements may supersede these laws.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia cannabis laws that have been passed allow the possession and use of cannabis in the province.

This law allows those 19 years old and above to possess a maximum of 30 grams in public. Use of marijuana is banned in all indoor public places and some public places like parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. Only four plants are allowed to be cultivated in homes.

There is only one entity in the whole province that is allowed to sell cannabis and related products. This is the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp (NLSC). There are 12 NLSC liquor stores right now. There is also a website that sells marijuana.


Nunavut’s law allows those 19 years old and above to possess up to 30 grams in public places. Consumption in vehicles, schools, playgrounds, and non-smoking areas is not allowed. Cultivation of plants at home is also not allowed.

Tight now there are no stores that sell marijuana but there are proposals in that government to allow outsourcing of sales. Although, there is a website that is run by the government which sells marijuana.


Ontario cannabis laws allow those above 19 years old to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public. The smoking of it in enclosed public places, workplaces, and vehicles is strictly prohibited. Transportation of marijuana is allowed as long as it is sealed and packaged.

As of now, cannabis is only being sold online through a government run website—the Ontario Cannabis Store. But the government is allowing private stores to open up on 1 April 2019 with 25 stores to launch on that date.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island’s laws allow government-run stores to sell marijuana legally. No alcohol may be sold in these stores at the same time. Right now there are only four stores in the province. The government also runs a website that sells marijuana.

Those 19 years old and above can have 30 grams in public. Its use is still restricted to private use. Places in public where it will be allowed are being set up for a later date. The law also allows transportation of cannabis in a sealed package. People are also allowed to grow only four plants within the household.


Quebec cannabis laws only allow the sale of marijuana in government-run stores. The supply for these stores is from the government. As of 2018 there are 15 stores with plans of having over 150 in the following years. The government also runs the website for sale of cannabis.

Quebec is the only province that limits the possession in private to 150 grams. This is on top of the 30 grams that is allowed in public. The province also does not allow the cultivation of plants. The age limit is also higher than most provinces at 21 years old. Smoking is prohibited in most enclosed public spaces.


The province of Saskatchewan’s laws allow those who are at least 19 years old to possess up to 30 grams in public. The consumption of it in public places and vehicles is strictly prohibited. There is no stated limit to how many plants can be grown but landlords and housing boards may restrict it. The laws only allows its transportation in sealed packages in inaccessible areas like the trunk of the vehicle.

Privately-owned stores that are supplied by licensed cannabis producers but this is regulated by the government. No liquor may be sold in the same stores that sell cannabis. Right now there are 51 permits given to 32 communities in the province.


Yukon Gold weed is legally allowed for those who are 19 years old and above. The person with legal cannabis must make ways to ensure that no underage person will have access to it. Smoking it is also only allow in private dwellings. Growing of cannabis plants is also allowed as long as they are away from public view.

As of now there is only one government run physical store, but there are plans to allow privately run stores to sell it in the future. The supply for these stores come from the government. Private stores must get a license from the province’s Cannabis Licensing Board.

The sale for marijuana has become with the passing of cannabis legislation in Canada. These laws differ for each province but have given those who wish to use it recreationally the freedom to do so without facing any criminal charges.

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